Pomeranian (POM) Coin

World's Best Small-Supply Deflationary Community Coin

Pomeranian Coin (POM) is a community-focused and community-powered cryptocurrency token. Inspired by its predecessors DogeCoin and Shiba Inu, Pomeranian Coin aspires to create an even stronger and more genuine community and network.

Pomeranians are small and cute. They are not your typical Shibes and they have a class of their own. Pomeranians are a small, but proud and commanding breed. So, we did the same with this token: it’s got a small total supply as opposed to its predecessors and on the other hand, it aims to solve real-world problems from the get-go.

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Community powered, Small supply

First Dog-inspired Coin that Provides Utility and Value
The Pomeranian (POM) coin is the best coin among all the dog-inspired coins. While other coins have a huge supply of quadrillions (1 quadrillion is equal to 1000 trillion), with some having even infinite supply, our POM coin has a total supply of 100 Trillion.

Since there have been many coins with no cap on supply and no benefit to hodlers at all, the POM coin has come forward into the community with a fairly small supply and some great characteristics. With every transaction, redistribution and burning happens. 1% of the amount is burned with each transaction while 2% is redistributed to the POM coin holders. But, that’s not all: 5% of the amount is also added to the liquidity, which makes the coin more valuable and strong in the market.

The POM coin shall be the first token to be available on four major blockchains: BNB, Ethereum, Avalanche and Solana. Such a feat is difficult, but the main point of blockchain is decentralization and we shall do that by being available on multiple networks. In addition to this, the POM team shall also help build several networks and platforms that are decentralized.

POM Coin also solves some issues with other coins such as DOGE and SHIBA, both of which have insanely high transaction fees and seemingly infinite supply. For those of you who missed the chance to join the dog-inspired coin rally, this is your moment! The POM coin is a growing, yet strong and promising, coin.


Although the Pomeranian Coin is a BEP-20 Token right now running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we aim to be the first token to be available on multiple blockchains.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

We’re currently available on BSC as a BEP-20 Token. We chose BSC over ETH as the first blockchain due to the low fees and fast transfers provided by the BSC network.

Avalance (AVAX)

Coming next!
Avalanche is a trending blockchain with fast transaction speeds at low fee rates. It’s our second choice for the POM coin because it is fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem. Transaction speeds are nearly 4,500 transactions per second.


Coming soon!
The POM Coin will soon be available on the Ethereum blockchain. Although the fees will be high, we are positive that with the launch of Ethereum 2, the fees will be competitive to BSC and Solana. The token on the Ethereum blockchain will be an ERC-20 Token.


Coming soon!
Solana is one of the most popular blockchain networks with a 50,000 tps rate. Itsfees are also ridiculously low, at just $0.00025 per transaction. If you had $1 to use as fees, you’d be able to make 4000 transactions. The token on the Solana blockchain will be an SPL Fungible Token.


Small Supply, More Value

Compared to other popular dog-inspired coins, the Pomeranian Coin has a small total supply of just 100 Trillion coins. Meanwhile, the SHIBA Inu coin has a supply of nearly 600 Trillion, 6 times more than that of $POM. Plus, $POM coins are burned over time, making them more valuable.

Low Fees, More Transactions

As opposed to DOGE and SHIB coins, the POM coin has a very cheap transaction fee because it runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Highly Deflationary, Higher Returns

The POM coin aims to be the most popular community-owned deflationary cryptocurrency. One of the main issues with DOGE is that it’s highly inflationary, meaning its value decreases with time.


The most important point of cryptocurrency is the decentralization it brings along with the blockchain concept. You see many ‘meme’ coins emerging everyday, yet they shy away from actually helping this movement. A lot of practical workings in the world are being rethought so as to incorporate the essence of decentralization.
The POM coin pledges to help and start the following projects that shall play a part in the future of decentralization:

Peer-to-peer decentralized ridesharing network

It’s inevitable for such a huge network to be on the blockchain. The ridesharing and ride hailing services are all centralized while the centralized agencies are only there as middle-men. Therefore, a ridesharing platform that runs on the blockchain and is powered by the community is the future that we truly believe in. An interesting article was published in 2019 that describes this concept on Ethereum.

Decentralized auth

The future that we’re heading into will be a future where passwords will be more important than passports as everything is becoming digital. However, the need for a decentralized no-authority based authorization and authentication system is immensely important and even passwords are risky now as 80% of data breaches happen due to compromised passwords. So, embracing the passwordless authentication system along with decentralization would be the ultimate solution to a secure and privacy-focused future.

Decentralized publisher network

Social media and content powered platforms are major portions of Internet consumption. Making these platforms decentralized and having them embrace the true nature of decentralization would be the biggest win for cryptocurency.


The tokenomics of $POM follows its dog mascot, Pomeranian. Its total supply is small like the cute little breed.
20% of the total supply has been allocated to the $POM dev team for funding future works.


This is the total supply on the BSC network (100 Trillion).


In every transaction,


2% of the transaction amount is redistributed to all the hodlers.


5% of the transaction amount is added to the liquidity pool.


1% of the transaction amount is burnt forever.


2% of the transaction is added to the treasury for $POM development.

POM Coin



Phase 1
Contract Development
Pancakeswap trading listing
Launch website
Launch POM docs
Launch official POM social accounts


Phase 2
Paid ad campaigns
2000 Telegram Members
5000 Twitter Followers
2000 POM Hodles
Listing on CoinGecko
Listing on CoinMarketCap
Launch on Avalanche blockchain


Phase 3
8000 Hodlers
Listing on at least one popular CEX
5000 Telegram Members
10000 Twitter Followers
POM NFTs development
Launch on Ethereum blockchain


Phase 4
15000 Hodlers
10000 Telegram members
15000 Twitter Followers
Dedicated POM wallet launch
First transparent donation to at least two non-profit orgs
Dedicated POM NFTs collection launch
Development of PomSwap


Phase 5
Launch on Solana blockchain
25000+ Hodlers
Second  transparent donation to at least two non-profit orgs
Create, fund and launch Hackathon for all Blockchain Enthusiasts
Listing on at least 3 major CEX
Conquer the moon base: become the largest dog-inspired coin

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